Islets, legends and a lot of magic in our trip to Es Vedrá

One of the most wonderful maritime trips that can be enjoyed in the Pitiusas Islands is the one that gets to the beautiful and pleasing islet of Es Vedrá, in the South of Ibiza. Salt flats, sand dunes, virgin coves, tips, cliffs, towers and celebrities' mansions arise in this boat trip and make it really attractive for all kind of public of all ages: families with children, couples, groups of friends… Come on and discover one of the most amazing corner of the Mediterranean Sea with Ulises Cats and its route to Es Vedrá.

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After our first post about plans with the family in Ibiza we now suggest a new batch of tips to enjoy with your kids. Five tips that include from one of the most beautiful beaches of Ibiza to one of the most entertaining visits for both, children and adults.

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5 souvenirs made in Formentera

When you have in the kitchen cupboard so many breakfast cups, it is time to look for a new souvenir, either if it is for oneself or for friends or relatives, that for sure, they may as well have a good cup collection. If you have reached this point, pay attention to the following suggestions so that you go back home with an original –and even gourmet- souvenir from Formentera.


10 Locations in Formentera you should note dowm

Here you have restaurants, nice corners, cafeterias and other locations in Formentera which you should include in your travelogue. These are useful proposals either you visit the island just for one day or you want to hide from the world for a longer time.

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5 tips to enjoy Ibiza with the family – Part I

Ibiza is well-kown for it's party face, but the island is also a very attractive destination for families, who usually find here beautiful beaches with clear and calm waters, which are perfect for children. But there’s much more. If you are travelling this summer to Ibiza with your kids, take note of these places and enjoy your holidays in the island to the utmost.


Ibiza in 5 sunsets

For sure you already know you must not miss the well-known sunsets in Ibiza. But probably you don’t know exactly where to go to enjoy the most spectacular ones. In that case, please take note of this selection, where the landscape and the atmosphere play a main role. The finishing touch, as always, is up to the sun and the clouds.


Three boutique hotels in Formentera

Formentera is still one of the last Mediterranean paradises and this is largely due to the current restriction to the construction of new hotel establishments. As this is a small island, not bigger than 85 square kilometers, this policy has avoided too much saturation both in hotels and residences. Within its restrained accommodation offer, we recommend you to make a reservation in any of these three boutique hotels, especially if you are looking for an oasis where to forget about the daily routine.


The nicest beaches in Ibiza - Part I

Ibiza has more than 50 beaches and coves where is easy to access, and there are also some of them where it could be necessary to walk along a slightly difficult terrain. Flanked by pine woods, sand dunes, cliffs and with turquoise and aquamarine waters, the great majority of them seem to have been taken from a postcard. There are not a few, so we should start our selection with a first batch including the 5 most beautiful beaches and coves all around Ibiza.


Discover Formentera by bike

We are talking about an island which includes an area of 83 square kilometers, and which main road is barely 20 kilometers long. Because of this, it’s no surprise if the port is always overflowing with rental bikes and motorbikes, the vehicles most appropriated if you want to travel around. So you know, whenever you arrive to the island, slow down – remember you’re in paradise here -, rent your bicycle and go out to discover some of the 32 cycling paths in Formentera.


How to get to Formentera? Discover our routes

Less than 12 nautical miles from Ibiza you can find the last Mediterranean paradise: Formentera. Its pristine beaches of an incredible beauty, its turquoise waters and its characteristic leisurely pace, every summer attract thousands of travelers. Some of them decide to skip Ibiza and enjoy their holidays on the island, but most of its visitors arrive in one-day-round trips. Discover our ferry routes from Ibiza to Formentera and don’t lose your chance to discover the paradise!


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